Deming Prize 2007

India continues to shine with Deming Prizes (and of course there economy and stock market have been doing pretty well too). Companies based in India took home both Deming Prizes this year and the Japan Quality Medal. Countries of organizations receiving the Deming Prize since 2000 (prior to that almost all winners were from Japan):

Country Prizes
India 14
Thailand 8
Japan 4
Singapore 1

The 2007 Deming Prizes went to Asahi India Glass Limited, Auto Glass Division and Rane (Madras) Limited. Three different divisions of Rane received awards in the previous the last 4 years, making this Rane’s fourth prize in 5 years.
The 2007 Japan Quality Medal went to Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector.

The 2007 Deming Prize for Individuals went to Mr. Masayoshi Ushikubo, Chairman, Sanden Corporation. The Sanden International portion of Sanden was the third USA based organization to win a prize in 2006 (prior winners were: Florida Power & Light Company in 1989 and AT&T Power Systems in 1993). I mentioned India’s economy and stock market above, China’s economy and stock market are doing amazingly well also and then have yet to have a Deming Prize winner. I hope China, USA and many another countries can follow India’s current performance in this area. Deming Prizes are not awarded on a quota or forced ranking basis – any deserving applicants in any year can receive a prize.

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