Six Sigma at Cummins

Six Sigma winning supply-chain converts [the broken link was removed]

“More and more of our decisions are made after data is collected and analysis done. It’s less of a gut feel and more data-based.”
On any given day, Cummins has 2,500 active Six Sigma projects involving 10,000 of its 34,000 employees, Strodtbeck said.

Next year, senior managers at Cummins will be required to have Six Sigma certification before they can switch jobs or be promoted. “Six Sigma is headed toward being a condition of employment,” Strodtbeck said.

“In 10 years, will we be calling it Six Sigma? I don’t think so,” said Roger Schmenner, associate dean for Indianapolis programs with the Kelley School of Business. “We’ll have something else with a new name. Will it use the same statistical techniques? Absolutely, because some of these things are immutable.”

Six sigma has persisted for well beyond a 10 years already. I must admit I think the name “six sigma” is not the best but it seems to be holding its own. Six sigma is obviously achieving results many companies find worthwhile as they continue to grow their efforts year after year. While I would agree I think it is likely six sigma efforts will transform and be renamed within the next ten years, in many organizations, the momentum seems to be strong still – which is very rare for a management approach. I agree that is due to the benefits of applying statistical tools, education and focus on specific project based success.

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  1. Ref: Six Sigma at Cummings.
    I am awfully sorry to see Glaring error like “Cummings” in the heading.
    How could that happen, when we are talking about Quality? The company’s
    name is CUMMINS.
    It needs urgent action.
    Pune, INDIA


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