Find Good Management Improvement Jobs

Peter Abilla (shmula blog) is hiring a Manager for Process Improvement [the broken link was removed] to work with him at eBay. It is a great opportunity, in my opinion.

Here are some highlights of what he is looking for:

  • Experience implementing Lean and Six Sigma in transactional environments (non-manufacturing).
  • Experience with Value-stream Mapping (current- and future-state), Lean Consumption and Lean Provisioning
  • Experience with Lean beyond just book knowledge ā€” Iā€™m looking for hands-on implementation of Lean.
  • You can explain why variation sucks, with examples ā€” both qualitative and quantitative. How does the DMAIC framework approach variation?
  • You can explain the difference between poke-yoke and mistake-proofing (trick question) and give examples from everyday life of poke-yoke.
  • You can explain and have an intelligent conversation about the above items with people who donā€™t have backgrounds in Engineering, Lean, or Six Sigma and have the ability to make the above-items relevant and in-context.
  • See the Curious Cat Management Improvement job board for more lean manufacturing, six sigma, quality engineering… jobs.

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