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The ‘Toyota Way’ Is Translated for a New Generation of Foreign Managers [the broken link was removed]

“For Americans and anyone, it can be a shock to the system to be actually expected to make problems visible,” said Ms. Newton, a 38-year-old Indiana native who joined Toyota after college 15 years ago and now works at the North American headquarters in Erlanger, Ky. “Other corporate environments tend to hide problems from bosses.”

It is the Toyota Institute, charged with preparing executives to enter the leadership class at Toyota by inculcating in them some of the most prized management secrets in corporate Japan. The institute sends off its executives to offices around the world as missionaries of sorts for the Toyota Way.

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  1. I wonder what effect the Toyota CCC21 program will have on making problems visible? Squeezing its own network of traditional suppliers, known as a keiretsu. Wasn’t Demings vision not to award projects to vendors or suppliers based on price alone but on seeking mutual value and long term partnerships – a win/win situation for everyone. What’s you take on this John?

    Rob (lean) (six sigma)

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