Z-List: Management Blogs

Ok, I am going to build upon the z-list meme. Hopefully my modification will be seen as acceptable. I have modified the zlist to shorten it to management related blogs. I was added to one with: Making Z-List and Checking It Twice. I don’t really see how Seth’s blog is a “z-list blog” [more like a-list] but it is the first place I saw the a z-list and knowHR included it and it is excellent so I included it.

Management Z-List:

Bob Sutton
Creating Passionate Users
Seth Godin

Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog
Chief Happiness Officer
H.R. eSources [the broken link was removed]
Lean Blog
Evolving Excellence [the broken link was removed]
Panta Rei
Got Boondoggle?
Lean Builder
KnowHR Blog [the broken link was removed]

For other bloggers that want to pick this up and add to it (via the KnowHR): “The trick is to pick up this list from here and add your blog to the bottom along with a few more Z-List links that you think people should know about. I copied the list from Seth by grabbing links in the page source…you can do the same.”

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