Countries Which are Easiest for Doing Business

World Bank report on doing business in countries worldwide [the broken link was removed].

Top 10 countries, based on the ease of doing business:

1 New Zealand
2 Singapore
3 United States
4 Canada
5 Norway
6 Australia
7 Hong Kong, China
8 Denmark
9 United Kingdom
10 Japan

Having a high ranking on the ease of doing business does not mean that a country has no regulation. Few would argue that it is every business for itself in New Zealand, that workers are abused in Canada or that creditors seize debtors’ assets without a fair process in the Netherlands. And to protect the rights of creditors and investors, as well as establish or upgrade credit registries, more regulation rather than less is needed to make the top 30 list.

Via: Doing Business in 2006 [the broken link was removed]


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