Better Manufacturing in UK

My design for better manufacturing in UK [the broken link was removed] by James Dyson:

The way forward is to make things that are better designed, better engineered and with better technology than our competitors’ products. This is the blueprint for 21st-century success embraced by Japan. It is why Japan makes six times as many patent applications as Britain and spends three times as much on research and development. The Japanese government is about to spend £128 billion on research and development. The figure in Britain is £1 billion.

He at least partially gets the idea. I think he could benefit from studying and exploring the Toyota Production System – perhaps he could attend the seminars by Toyota UK. Still he is encouraging some of the right stuff, and the innovative engineering school he is half funding seems like a very good idea.

“If you don’t work harder, you’ll end up working in a factory.” That’s the threat my teachers used at school.

Ironically, I did end up working in a factory — entirely of my own volition. What’s more, I enjoy it. And it pays well.

Yes, many people still don’t understand: manufacturing is Cool.

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