The Exciting Life of Industrial Statisticians

Never a Dull Day: The Life of an Industrial Statistician by Gerry Hahn.

Gerry Hahn was one of the great applied statisticians of the last 50 years, working at GE for over 45 years. Six sigma has many variants, he is one of those that understood how to apply six sigma well.

All of this provides great new opportunities for industrial statisticians to serve as statistical leaders-a term popularized by the late and great Ed Deming (see Hahn and Hoerl, 1998). Statistical leaders engage principally in leveraging statistical concepts and thinking (see Hoerl, Hooper, Jacobs and Lucas , 1993), and focus their activities on mentoring and supporting the most business-vital and technically challenging problems dealing with getting the right data, and converting such data into actionable information.

In 1991 Dr. Hahn received the Hunter Award from the ASQ Statistics Division (the award is named for my father – John).

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