Manufacturing is Cool

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers brings us the web site: [the broken link was removed – maybe manufacturing isn’t cool anymore 🙁 ]. Maybe this is the answer to Bill Waddell post: We Don’t Get No Respect 🙂

From the manufacturing is cool site:

Video tapes and books full of additional information regarding the many interesting careers available in manufacturing engineering and technically oriented material.Professionally prepared classroom programs and curriculum resources available to enhance your instructional capabilities.

Ways to help young people find career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering. Also refer our searchable database that shows college and universities that offer manufacturing programs, options, courses or labs. There is also a list of accredited programs and options in manufacturing engineering, engineering technology or industrial technology.

The site really does have some useful and interesting material (especially for teachers). Demonstrating the coolness of manufacturing might need a little work, but this is a start.

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