Gary Hamel’s Idea Hatchery

Gary Hamel’s Idea Hatchery [the broken link was removed] by Whitney Sparks:

Q: So how do you hope to change the standard approach to management?
Sometimes innovation is about creating a whole new class structure. Hierarchies are not very good at getting the best out of people. Communities are where people are most likely to give their gifts, bound not by economic dependency but [with] dreams.

I’d like to make business more humane. How do you create organizations where people can bring all of their humanity?

I advocate a system in which executives have to re-earn their power, [in which] their ideas have to compete with everybody else’s ideas. [Not based upon] outdated Henry Ford attitudes. Work life has not become more interesting or compelling over the past few decades.

I don’t think he is talking about lean manufacturing ideas of Henry Ford (I hope not).

I admire his desire to learn where management is headed and to improve management education. I do think our management education needs to improve.

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