New Business Ideas Take Time

New Business Ideas Take Time [the broken link was removed] by Edward DeBono

Some types of change carry more immediate benefits, such as problem-solving. The problem is disrupting a system or individuals, so solving that problem is of instant benefit. Even in cases where the benefits are not immediate, they can be predicted easily.

Because of this, management thinking is too preoccupied with problem-solving.

Good point. This is true for at least too reasons: short term thinking and the desire to have a measure of success. It is much easier to find a measurement of the benefit of eliminating some problem than the benefits of learning and taking more time to think. As Lloyd S. Nelson said many of “the most important figures that one needs for management are unknown or unknowable.”

All businesses should appoint a ‘Simplicity Officer’. This person should encourage and refine business ideas for the simplifying of processes. Simplicity requires a deliberate effort as continuity is the natural instinct of organisations.

Sounds very much like lean thinking to me.

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