Education Improvement

Pattillo Tutors Granville School on Teaching Method [unfortunately the newspaper broke the link so I removed it] by Natalie Jordan, Rocky Mount Telegram (North Carolina, USA):

The model uses a PDSA – plan, do, study and act – component. “Plan” clarifies the purpose; “do” is when an action plan is made and done; “study” involves analyzing results; and “act” is to make improvements.

Through core values and strategic categories, the model is improving the way teachers teach and students learn, Olmsted said.

Education is another area where applying management improvement concepts can be difficult. The Education area does require special care but management improvement concepts can work very well in Education.

David Langford has done some great work in this area. He wrote a book, Orchestrating Learning With Quality, which while I would definitely recommend it for anyone planning on applying these concepts, it does not really capture the power of his contributions in my opinion.

The Quality in Our Schools [new link to related site also by Ivan on School Improvement] site (by Ivan Webb in Australia) also is a good resource.

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