Innovation in Software Development Process

Innovation in MSF v4.0 [the broken link was removed]

The Work Remaining report uses a cumulative flow chart developed for Lean Manufacturing. Work-in-progress and queuing can be monitored with this report in order to identify bottlenecks and address issues which are affecting throughput and reducing capacity.

MSF takes advantage of trustworthy transparency by focusing on the use of reports to drive objective, rational management decisions and interventions. MSF metrics have been selected to be simple, self-generating, relevant and leading (or predictive) indicators of project health. Trustworthy transparency leads to realistic schedules, reliable estimates, sustainable pace of work, and professional maturity rather than a reliance on heroic efforts.

MSF is the Microsoft Solutions Framework [the broken link was removed].

By developing a Deming-based quality assurance approach to the CMMI and by incorporating all the guidance from MSF for Agile Software Development within that approach, MSF offers organizations a smooth adoption curve up the organizational process maturity ladder.

MSF for CMMI Process Improvement provides acceleration to CMMI Level 3 and provides a basis for progress to Level 4 and Level 5 with up to 35% coverage of practices at those higher levels. Future work in MSF will provide additional guidance on how to smoothly move to Level 5 and adopt the use of statistical process control with existing metrics and reports such as Velocity and Work Remaining. This leads to full implementation of Deming’s Theory of Profound Knowledge and his teaching of the avoidance of management mistakes #1 and #2.

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