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Topic: Management Improvement

We have started a new blog, Curious Cat Management Articles, specifically to highlight management improvement articles on topics like: Lean Manufacturing, Deming, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Customer Focus, SPC and System Thinking.

We are still working out the best way we can use blogs effectively. Our current plan has several blogs targeted for slightly different audiences (so you may be interested in one, or several or all). The current Curious Cat Blogs:

  • Blog (this blog) – focused on management improvement, economics, investment, travel, the internet and the web site. These posts will have much more of our own commentary. Right now (this may change of course), we plan on including short posts on several selected management improvement articles that are added to the Curious Cat Management Improvement Library. So if you are pressed for time you can just try the articles and posts we mention here.
  • Curious Cat Management Articles – focused on short posts mainly linking to articles on systems thinking, continuous improvement, lean thinking, Deming’s ideas, customer focus, six sigma, design of experiments, quality management and related topics. We will continue to collect the best online management improvement resources at the Curious Cat Management Improvement Library. We plan on including many short posts here that might be of interest. We hope this will serve as a good source for articles and blog posts on the management improvement topics we focus on. We see this now as a quick way for those focused on management improvement to keep up with what is being said online about the topic.
  • Curious Cat Science Blog – focused on innovation, research and education in science and engineering.
  • Curious Cat Articles and Links Blog – posts about blog posts, online articles and web resources of general interest (largely focused on the internet, economics and business).
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