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Zero Defects

Zero Defects by Norman Bodek:

Do you believe it is possible to have Zero Defects? I am not talking about six sigma at all.

I believe it is possible to have zero defects (in a sense). But I do not believe it is a good management strategy to practice what those I have heard in the past preaching zero defects.

A Dichotomy by Norman Bodek. Wow, you really have to look to find this article after you follow the link [I removed the link – additional site defect is now a completely broken link, violating basic 1998 guidance that web links must live forever]. I think the site could really benefit from improving the usability of the site (similar to lean ideas on making things visible and easy to find):

In truth, you should be making lots of mistakes. We do want you to learn, but for the sake of your customers you should not allow mistakes to become defects. That is the dichotomy! Make mistakes but don’t allow them to become defects.

I know many people talk about this conflict (aiming for zero mistakes means missing the most important ideas – because they might be risky). However, I have never really understood it as a conflict. You want to take risks to try new things to experiment to learn. Doing those things can be done in a manner that doesn’t provide your customers a defect. I suppose there are times when you take a risk your customers may be disappointed, but I don’t see why this need be the case with most experiments.

image of quote: "No defects, no jobs. Absence of defects does not necessarily build business… Something more is required."

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