Curious Cat 5th Annual Management Blog Review – Part 1

This is the 5th year in which multiple management blogs have participated in reviewing the year in management blogging. Once again we have many great blogs reviewed. Each year a few blog authors stop, or nearly stop publishing, but each year more great new management blogs start.

Here are links to the reviews that have been posted so far with the number of years each author has participated in the annual review.

Years Author of blog blogs reviewed
5 Kevin Meyer, Evolving Excellence Edit Innovation and TimeBack Management
4 Dan Markovitz, TimeBack Management Evolving Excellence and Brad Power on HBR blog
3 Tanmay Vora, QAspire HR Bartender, Jamie Flinchbaugh and Seth Godin
3 Mark Hamel, Gemba Tales Old Lean Dude
2 Tim McMahon, A Lean Journey Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog, encob blog and Kaizen Notebook
2 Matt Wrye, Beyond Lean Lean Blitz and My Flexible Pencil
1 Michel Baudin Gemba Panta Rei, Lean Edge and Lean Reflections
1 Evan Durant, Kaizen Notebook Gemba Tales and Gotta Go Lean
1 Dragan Bosnjak, encob blog Gemba Coach and The Lean Edge
1 Scott Rutherford, Square Peg Musings Fridge Magnets

close up photo of part of Van Gogh's painting: Starry Night

Close up view of a portion of Starry Night by Van Gogh. Photo by John Hunter at National Museum of Singapore.

I find it a great benefit to use my RSS feed reader to keep up with all the great posts being published. Take the chance to add the blogs you discover to your RSS reader. Twice monthly management blog carnivals are published to keep up with great posts all year long.

More reviews will be published during the next 2 weeks.

Happy New Year,

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  2. Kate Bivens says:

    Thank you to Mark Hamel for pointing out the “Old Lean Dude” blog. I hadn’t seen it before, and now I have the happy problem of wanting to add almost every article I read to my favorites and pass it around, right after I laugh or shake my head and think “that’s us.”

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