Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Carnival #175

The Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Carnival has been published since 2006. We find great management blog posts and share them with you 3 times a month. We hope you find these post interesting and find some new blogs to start reading. Follow me online: Google+, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

  • Reflections on My (Brief) Time with Dr. Deming by Mike Stoecklein – “He was harsh and stern with senior management at the seminars – wanting to shake them into the realization of what their jobs were and that they were not currently doing it. He was sparing with the use of the word ‘leader’. However, he was always very kind and patient one-on-one.”
  • Beyond the Kanban Board: An Executive’s Work Visualization by Simon Marcus – “My goals in this approach include minimizing the likelihood that I will be a bottleneck, allowing great ideas to surface from wherever they surface and feeling comfortable with a lot of things happening around me because I know our teams know how to execute.”
  • Ford Gets It – Do You? by Bill Waddell – “The heart and soul of Toyota’s success was SMED – flexibility – the ability to make lots of things in one factory without losing too much capacity in the process.”
  • What to look for on a gemba walk? by Michel Baudin – “Following the flow. Pretending you are a work piece and following the process backwards from the end to the beginning, noting where and how many times it waits for transportation or processing, how operators perceive upstream and downstream colleagues, the tools, fixtures and storage devices used at each operation.”
  • The dark craft of engineering management – “Management is the craft of enabling people to get things done.”
  • My New Book: Management Matters by John Hunter – The author of this blog (Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog) provides a view management as a system. The books builds on what I have been writing here for the last 8 years.
  • I removed the Peter Senge video on fatalism because I can’t find any option to turn autoplay off (which is horrible usability by the way, I can imagine almost no good tie ever to have autoplay for embedded videos, certainly if you chose that it should be an option). The video is good, check it out. The essential message is that “if you do not shift people’s belief that they cannot affect their future, nothing else you do will matter.”

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