Management Improvement Carnival #129

Large rock outcropping along the beach

The beach along Hole in the Wall Trail in Olympic National Park by John Hunter.

The Curious Cat Management Blog Carnival selects recent management blog posts 3 times each month. You may submit a link to the management Reddit to have it considered for inclusion in our carnival

  • Let’s Dance by Ron Pereira – “I am supremely confident injecting a little fun with all the seriousness of life and business will do nothing but help.”
  • How To Hold A Lean Meeting by Matt May – “In one to three sentences, define the overall purpose of the meeting… Goal #5: Develop a preliminary implementation plan. Who does what by when. Closing: Plan next steps. Decide on key follow-up plan.”
  • 5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban – “If you expect that you will replace failed retrospective meetings with a nice and simple ‘stop the line’ rule, you’ll fail, since it is even harder than scheduled regular retrospectives and demands even higher level of self-discipline.”
  • 6 Principles for Rebuilding Industry by Jon Miller – “Principle 3. Remember that goods and services are inseparable… Principle 5. Put the focus back on the people on the gemba…
  • How to get a real education by Scott Adams “The kids in this brainy group are the future professors, scientists, thinkers and engineers who will propel civilization forward. But why do we make B students sit through these same classes? That’s like trying to train your cat to do your taxes—a waste of time and money. Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach B students something useful, like entrepreneurship?”
  • The Role of Feed-Forward in Your Quality System by Jamie Flinchbaugh – “The feedback should be consistent and rapid, so that the offending parties can take corrective action as quickly as possible. Any process should have effective feedback loops.”
  • The Obliquity of Lean by Kevin Meyer – “If you pursue lean to ‘be lean’ you will almost certainly fail. Perhaps you’re like 80% of the organizations and forget about the second and in my opinion most vital pillar of lean: respect for people.”
  • Engage in Improving the Management System by John Hunter – “we start our new process, and write up reports and presentations for meetings talking about our successes. We are careful to ignore any warning signs…”

More photos from Olympic National Park and other national parks in the Northwest USA by John Hunter.

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