Management Improvement Carnival #98

Karen Wilhelm is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #98 on the Lean Reflections blog.

She highlights the LeanBlog Podcast #90 featuring Tim Turner, a plant team member at Toyota Kentucky, who compiled stories from 80 fellow team members from every level of the organization about what it feels like to be part of Toyota.

She also mentions the management “subreddit” which I have been encouraging people to use. The sites community votes to highlight management links they found valuable which provides some interesting suggestions reading. Some of the most popular links their in the last few weeks are:

Pete Abilla’s discussion of taking customer service agents for a little gemba walk and a quick activity to demonstrate a few lean fundamentals.

Who’s Got the Monkey?
A Harvard Business Review Classic (pdf) with some advice on how managers can avoiding getting stuck with difficult issues others want to pass on to them.

And How Zappos was Born: Place Bets on Passionate People by founder Tony Hsieh.

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