Management Improvement Carnival #70

Shaun Sayers is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #70 on the Capable People blog, highlights include:

  • 8 ways to get total involvement by Jon Miller: “How do we get total involvement from our people in the good things?”
  • Total company involvement by Peter Abilla: “Most vision or mission statements are hollow, uninspirational artifacts. Sloganeering, as it were: they sound good, but fail to mobilize a team”
  • The limits of customer involvement by Shaun Sayers: “I’m noticing a growing tendency for an over-use of certain platitudes, such as ‘customer involvement’ and ‘leadership’ without much of an attempt to add substance, or give any clues as to what that may add up to in terms of planning, implementation or measurement”

Please submit suggestions for post to include in future editions of the management improvement carnival. The Curious Cat Management Blog Directory provides links to many management blogs.

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