Management Improvement Carnival #69

The Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival provide links to recent blog posts for those interesting in improving management of organizations.

  • Starving the Golden Goose by Michael Neiss – “Where they [the Human Resource Department] should be obsessed with growing talent, they have become partners in reducing investments in that talent….starving the golden goose into a slow death… Fear doesn’t increase engagement, it increases caution.”
  • One Point Lesson: Kamishibai by Jon Miller – “The kamishibai board is particularly useful when there is a will and desire for managers to practice genchi genbutsu (go see what’s really happening) but they are unsure how to structure day or even what to do when they are on the shop floor.”
  • Stop Fighting Fires by Tim McMahon – “For the first question, you might use the “5 Whys” method of continuing to ask why until you reach something that really is a “root cause” rather than being a symptom/result of a more fundamental problem.”
  • Systems and Individuals by John Dowd – “The point is that fixing the system requires action on the system, not the individual parts.”
  • Medical Errors in Hospitals Still Occur at Alarming Rate by Mark Graban – “Seems like this, and many other medical mistakes, are cultural and social problems more than they are technical problems.”
  • Does Kanban Respect People, Self Organisation and Continuous Improvement by Karl Scotland – “A Kanban System is more than just a basic tool to be used to manage the work. It is a way of working which frees people to think for themselves in the pursuit of achieving success through improved productivity and quality.”
  • The Soul Of Lean by Bill Waddell – “This and more is from Pope Benedict VI’s Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate- Charity From Truthfulness. It is well worth your time to read the whole thing”
  • Your Ideas have Flown the Coop by Marc Hersch – “The legalistic model of intellectual property rights is fast becoming untenable under the new technological regime.” [this is my deadly disease number 9John]
  • The essence of Lean software development by Corey Ladas – “Create a build/integration process that allows each feature to develop in isolation and integrate through to deployment and validation. Integrations will necessarily be serialized, creating a pipeline. This is your essential development process.”
  • Peter Scholtes by John Hunter – “It was always a joy and educational to spend time with him. His Leader’s Handbook is the first management book I recommend to anyone. Peter enriched my life and the lives of many of others. And he will continue to do so through his works and those who were influenced by him.”

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