Management Improvement Carnival #37

Ron Pereira is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #37 on the LSS Academy blog, some of the highlights include:

  • Are we Cowboys or Not? by Mark Graban – “Anyway, I’m not trying to start a Liker v Bodek battle, but it’s an interesting contrast in perspectives.”
  • Numb3rs by Sue Kozlowski – “Now, part of the reason for this hyperbole is that exciting headlines get more people to buy the paper, and so you may think that the exaggeration is just a way to get people to read the accompanying story.”
  • Necessary but Insufficient by Pete Abilla – “Motorola (MOT), the inventor of Six Sigma, is in big trouble. Even though it invented Six Sigma, this is a clear example that shows how Lean or Six Sigma are not a cure-all for corporate woes…”
  • Eight Reasons Your Lean/Six Sigma Could Fail by Ron Pereira – “Programs, by definition, end. Conversely, the ancient origin of the word philosophy (philosophía) means ‘love of knowledge’ or ‘love of wisdom’. And true love, as the good book tells us, never ends.”
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