Management Improvement Carnival #36

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Adopting Agile Processes by Eric Engelmann – “So scrum is about fixing the system. If you don’t write code, it might not be apparent what’s different about this, so I’ll pull out what I love about it…”
  • Generosity comes with international shipping by Andy – “I am the CEO at Timbuk2…and I wanted to say – thank you for the posting. and tell you I am very proud of the team here.

    1. They made this call on their own.
    2. They broke the rules that should be broken

  • The gemba of poverty by Karen Wilhelm – “But the idea wasn’t to give these things to those in need. It was to keep designing and trying until you had something that could be manufactured at a profit to meet a price point poor people could afford.”
  • Fire Fighting vs. Root Cause Problem Solving by Mark Graban – “The workaround does nothing to prevent the problem from occurring again — this ensures more wasted time and more potential problems in the future.”
  • Coffee cup kanban by Corey Ladas – “the cup is the kanban. The cup-ban doubles as an order form that can encode most combinations that a barista should expect.”
  • Teams and Improvement by John Dowd – “The lesson is that being aware of the existence of interactions and being attentive to their implications is a part of team management.”
  • Conference Calls, Kids, and SMED by Ron Pereira – “Why wait until the machine is stopped to get all the tools and supplies needed? Collect all the tools while the machine is running so you don’t waste time once the machine has stopped.”
  • Clean manufacturing is green manufacturing by Tom Southworth – “The program drills down deep to uncover the root causes of inefficiencies that drive up a company’s waste, in order to provide alternatives that are in keeping with the best available, sound environmental strategies.”
  • What You Find on the Floor Tells You a Lot by Jon Miller – ” Question anything that is not on wheels. Ask the five whys. Aim to have everything on wheels in less than 2 years.”
  • Relentless Pursuit of Kaizen by Mike Wroblewski – “Don’t let barriers lead you to the easy path and delay improvement efforts, find a way to kaizen”
  • Prepare for your Battle! by Tom Stoffel – “While measures are a key component of sustainability, we have to be careful not to short circuit the PDCA process. The Planning Phase of any improvement activity is a critical component of success.”
  • Solving Problems and Creating New Problems by Lee Fried – So as a manager her job was not to try and create a problem free environment, but instead to set up the conditions and system by which problems could be effectively solved.
  • Training and Auditing by Mike Gardner – “How often have you taken the word of an operator that they were properly trained instead of making them show you they knew how to perform the job when you signed off on a training document?”
  • Productivity: Eliminate Before You Optimize by Kevin Meyer – “The Four Hour Work Week eliminates wasteful activities. Getting Things Done optimizes activities. Sound familiar?”
  • Paying New Employees to Quit by John Hunter – “Training new employees and then paying them to quit, sounds pretty bizarre; Zappos is not afraid of doing things differently.”
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