Management Improvement Carnival #35

Kevin Meyer is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #35 on the Evolving Excellence blog, some of the highlights include

  • Hidden Problems from TPM Log.  "We must encourage people to speak up and identify problems. We must
    also develop avenues for people to do so in a comfortable manner."
  • It’s the People, Not Just the Tools from Shmula.  “what most folks forget is that ‘Kaizen’ was truly build upon the philosophy that ‘Toyota builds people and then cars’ – that is, Kaizen came from the notion that the collective intelligence of your line workers is valuable and that people, if given the training and the
    chance, can truly do amazing things.”
  • True Work, Apparent Work, and Busy Work from Gemba Panta Rei.  “True work is of course the small amount of work in any process which changes form, fit or function as the customer desires.”
  • Innovation on the Edge from Edge Perspectives.  “Why bother about the edge when everyone knows that all the profit is in the core?”
  • Why Do Employees Underperform? from the Lean Six Sigma Academy.  “Muri means to overburden equipment or operators.  In many cases, muri can be avoided by the implementation of some basic forms of standard work.”

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