Management Improvement Carnival #20

Read the previous management carnivals. The Management Improvement Carnival #20 is hosted by Evolving Excellence, some of the highlights include:

Elegance Offsets at Elegant Solutions. If carbon offsets are viable, then why not lean offsets, feature creep offsets, and even PowerPoint offsets?

Pushback at DailyKaizen. “… in the Toyota Motor company, staff understand why a certain thing needs to be done a certain way because it is explained to them as part of the process of training.”

Top 10 Success Factors for 5S at Gemba Panta Rei. Most organizations on the lean journey have 5S programs. Here’s how you can help ensure success.

Deciding About Indecision at Simplicity. “Indecision means the inability to reach a conclusion when many people are counting on you to validate their trust in your leadership.”

Leading a Retrospective Before Introducing a Team to Kanban at aremsan. “The purpose of this retrospective was to look back at how user stories find their way to production, and to find ways to shorten the process and increase quality.”

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival by commenting on this post.

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