Management Improvement Carnival #16

Management Improvement Carnival #16 is hosted by Mark Graban at the Lean Blog. Some highlights include:

  • How Toyota Handles Disaster, by Matthew May at “Elegant Solutions”:
    “Sometimes the Wall Street Journal has at best one use: wrapping fish. To wit, their ignorant article on the front page of the Marketplace section: “A Key Strategy of Japan’s Car Makers Backfires.”… Long story short: Toyota’s been there, done that. Read on if you want the story.”
  • More Lean Companies, by Kevin Meyer at “Evolving Excellence”: “…the July 17th issue of Manufacturing News has an article by Cliff Ransom, President of Ransom Research. Cliff is one of the few Wall Street analysts that truly understands lean manufacturing and the impact it can have on company performance and valuation.”
  • Kaizen Rules 1&2, by Ron Pereira at “Lean Six Sigma Academy”: “We must enter a “how it can be done” mindset instead of why it cannot be done mindset. The former is essential if we are to make any serious, long lasting change. This manner of thinking must also be taught to our associates. If everyone adopts this “how to” mindset change can occur rapidly.”
  • Right is Cheaper, by Rob Worth at “Lean Services Blog”: “So if anyone tells you that higher quality is more expensive ask them to correct themselves and count the calories they burn as they do so.”

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival.

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