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Great stuff from the DailyKaizen [the broken link was removed]:

Over the last three months we have been working to incorporate PDCA discipline into our Model Line planning process. We are quite literally building a new management system in the organization and it is fascinating. There are many attributes of this system including developing standard work for managers, redesigning the strategic planning process, developing a strategic deployment process and most important formalizing the checking process at all levels. It will take several years to fully put in place, but by year end I think we will show great progress.

So few organizations can think beyond the current urgent need (often this day or week or month, not even quarter). Thinking long term is not about waiting around. But it is about constancy of purpose. The powerful gains from any management system are not those in the first year. The benefits possible in the 5th year or 10th year… are not possible in first year. The capacity to take advantage of management improvement needs to be developed and it is a multi-year effort (if it is done well – otherwise it will abandoned after the initial hype for the next new fad). The gains should grow and compound over time.

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