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From the “you call this agile?” department by Joel Spolsky: Yes, context switching is painful. Yes, you need to take into account the costs of context switching when you interrupt someone’s work. But every decision has pros and cons and … Continue reading

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TPS and Jidoka

TPS & Jidoka, interview of Tomo “Tom” Harada by Art Smalley: There are two different parts to Jidoka. The first meaning is to separate man from machine. It was normal in the original parent company for a single young woman … Continue reading

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Ackoff’s F-laws: Common Sins of Management

Russ Ackoff once again does a great job of providing insight into management. I highly recommend A Little Book of f-Laws [the broken link was removed] where Ackoff, with Herbert Addison and Sally Bibb, present 13 common sins of management, … Continue reading

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Information Quality In Health Care

The Life and Death Results of Information Quality by Doug Johnson: I believe poor information and the inability to make medical decisions with correct, complete and timely information kills more people than any single disease in the United States. In … Continue reading

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Lean Education Meeting Slides

Presentation slides from the joint The Lean Aerospace Initiative [the broken link was removed] and LEAN joint meeting (October 16-18, 2006) are available [the broken link was removed – the links that relied on MIT to retain historical information using … Continue reading

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Amazon Innovation

I believe Amazon uses technology very well. They have done many innovative things. They have been less successful at turning their technology into big profits. But I continue to believe they have a good shot at doing so going forward Continue reading

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Five Pragmatic Practices

Becoming a Great Manager: Five Pragmatic Practices by Esther Derby [the broken link was removed] 1) Decide What To Do and What Not To Do Deciding what to do and what not to do helps focus efforts on the important … Continue reading

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Investing in Six Sigma

Bank of America: Investing in Six Sigma [the broken link was removed] by Thomas Hoffman: To help the bank’s IT organization align more strategically with its businesses, Desoer has challenged her IT staff to learn more about the bank’s external … Continue reading

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China’s Lean Journey

China’s Lean Journey [the broken link was removed] by Dennis J. Stamm: The lean initiative in China is still in its infancy, and not every company in China is inclined to invest in the latest technology, but the challenge from … Continue reading

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Respect for Workers

Respect at “In-N-Out” Burger: They start employees at almost $10, quite a premium over all the other fast food places that are trying to get the cheapest labor possible. … But the thing that really jumped out at me was … Continue reading

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