Lean Enterprise Institute Expands

Lean Enterprise Institute Expands Services to Growing Lean Community [the broken link was removed]

LEI is introducing new programs, led by new people, at a new location to improve the practice of lean, the search for lean knowledge, and how we share the knowledge across the world,” said James P. Womack, LEI founder and chairman. Based on customer research, LEI has formed into four units — Lean Learning Materials, Lean Education, Lean Enterprise Partners, and Lean Events — to align with the needs of the Lean Community, Womack said.

Lean Learning Materials will expand the depth and breadth of LEI’s publications and training materials to functional areas beyond operations, including product development, supplier management, policy management, and the consumption process from the standpoint of the customer. It also will develop materials for senior executives leading lean transformations.

Lean Education will expand LEI’s popular workshop series to include all functional areas in enterprises while developing lean leadership courses for senior managers in a wide range of industries.

Michael Brassard is president, Lean Learning Materials. Prior to joining LEI, he was a partner in Brassard & Ritter, LLC, a publisher of business improvement resources. Before that, he was project director and founding staff member of GOAL/QPC, an international research, training, consulting, and publishing organization. In 20 years with GOAL/QPC, Brassard served as senior consultant, trainer, and author as well as director of learning events and product development. He also is the author, co-author, or editor of eight books on organizational improvement systems and tools, including many of the titles in the Memory Jogger series that has sold over eight million copies worldwide in a dozen languages.

Others at LEI include David LaHote, David Logozzo and Helen Zak.

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