Lean Manufacturing Success

K&S makes first shipment to China [the broken link was removed] by Buzz Ball

The award was given for K&S Wire’s continuous improvement in manufacturing excellence and its implementation of “lean” enterprise principles into its everyday operations.

It is because of these principles that Schwartz was able to make the announcement about the shipment to China.

“We took the order to construct 111,000 wire frames that will hold flip-flops,” said Schwartz. “Because of our ‘lean’ principles, our price was better than could be found in China. This is a first for us and I hope we will have many more in the future.”

K&S Wire manufactures a variety of steel CNC wire forms, grills, grates, guards, display units and custom products for various other manufacturers and for consumer use.

Executive Vice President Dave Padgett said the employees manufactures 20 to 25 different items every day.

The company recently completed a 30,000 square foot addition, which is the sixth expansion in the company’s history. The work force has grown from three in 1995 to between 90-110 this past year.

It is great to see such success stories in the press.

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