Toyota’s Early History

via Got Boondogle:

A book that I recently finished is “Quest for the Dawn” by Shoji Kimoto. “Quest for the Dawn” is a fascinating true story set from about 1930 to the mid 1950s of a bold business quest to build an automobile from the ground up. The relentless inventors were Sakichi and Kiichiro Toyoda and, of course, the car manufacturer was the Toyota Motor Company.

Look interesting, so I went on and Quest for the Dawn by Shoji Kimoto was available for $1, through a 3rd party, plus $3.49 shipping. I really like many of the things the internet makes easy.

And relating to the zero defects post earlier today. I never thought of it as a defect when I couldn’t order an obscure book, in a minute or two, from home and have it delivered to me. Deming was right that: “Absence of defects does not necessarily build business… Something more is required.

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