Types of Pull Systems

Pull Systems Must Fit Your Production Needs [the broken link was removed]:

Mixed Supermarket and Sequential Pull System

The supermarket and sequential pull systems may be used together in a mixed system, also known as a C-type pull system. A mixed system may be appropriate when the 80/20 rule applies, with a small percentage of part numbers (perhaps 20%) accounting for the majority (perhaps 80%) of daily production volume. Often an analysis is performed to segment part numbers by volume into (A) high, (B) medium, (C) low, and (D) infrequent orders. Type D may represent special order or service parts. To handle these low-running items, a special type D kanban may be created to represent not a specific part number but rather an amount of capacity. The sequence of production for the type D products is then determined by the method the scheduling department uses for sequential pull system part numbers.

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