Glacier National Park Photos

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I have posted the first batch of photos from my trip to Glacier National Park this June. See all Glacier National Park photos, I have posted so far. Previous posts show photos from North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park and Mount Saint Helens on the same trip.

I was lucky enough to have 6 days to hike around in the Park. While rainy and overcast much during much of my visit I still was able to take in great views at times.

The last two days the sun was out for much of the day and the most spectacular photos are from those days (which are not posted yet).

My current method of posting photos is taking way too long. I looked at the newest version of Picasa (which Google bought earlier this year) and I think I will try using it to use it to automate more of the process. Hopefully that will allow me to get more photos posted soon.

Photos from other trips: Curious Cat Travel Photos.

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