Six Sigma at Jaguar

Six Sigma at Jaguar interview with David Brunson, Powertrain Quality & Reliability, Jaguar Cars Limited by

Are there particular tools you want to focus on using more in the future?

Yes, it’s very important to focus on the tools you are getting the most value from, and try to apply them to as many areas as possible. There are tools that we want to be using more in the future:

  • Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R)
  • Modeling using design of experiments (DOE), including design selection & Analysis
  • Design FMEA with robustness linkages

It is very dangerous to think of six sigma as a set of tools, as if a company does not understand their processes properly, then they can not expect six sigma to save them money through the application of tools.

Definition of what is going on at each stage of the process is much more important than the tools being used.

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