Management Improvement Articles

  • Michael Porter’s Big Ideas by Keith H. Hammonds
    The world’s most famous business-school professor is fed up with CEOs who claim that the world changes too fast for their companies to have a long-term strategy. If you want to make a difference as a leader, you’ve got to make time for strategy.”
  • 3 Six Sigma Articles (link to one document in word format) by Gerry Hahn
    • 20 Key Lessons Learned: May 2002
    • What Does it Take to be a Master Black Belt: August 2003
    • The Future of Six Sigma: May 2004
    MBBs provide day-to-day leadership to the Six Sigma effort. Some of the key things they do are to:

    • Provide a strategic vision for improvement and work towards its fulfillment.
    • Secure continuing commitment and resources from business leaders.
    • Develop and organize targeted training of the work force in Six Sigma, and participate in providing this training.
    • Serve as a technical and tactical resource to all in implementing Six Sigma.
  • The Folly of Merit Pay by Alfie Kohn
    It may be vanity or, again, myopia that persuades technicians, even after the umpteenth failure, that merit pay need only be returned to the shop for another tuneup. Perhaps some of the issues mentioned here can be addressed, but most are inherent in the very idea of paying educators on the basis of how close they’ve come to someone’s definition of successful performance. It’s time we acknowledged not only that such programs don’t work, but that they can’t work.

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