Lean and Six Sigma in India BPO

Via Panta Rei, Business Process Outsourcing, Meet Value Engineering, Measure for Measure

Dedicated Six Sigma, Lean and Reengineering teams continuously spot and improve processes for Genpact as well as its customers. Supported by 500-plus Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts, 150 Lean Coaches, these teams have implemented 400-plus breakthrough improvements, 3,000-plus Kaizen improvements that enhanced productivity by 6-8 per cent year-on-year. Genpact shares these benefits with customers,” says Bhasin.

For one of its customers consolidating operations from multiple centres to one, offshoring the processes and Six Sigma initiatives delivered a productivity benefit of $300 million, he says.

According to S. Nagarajan, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 24/7Customer, value engineering is a means of value creation more than cost reduction.

Another interesting quote:

Continued cost inflation, higher wages and a talent crunch threaten India’s global sourcing competitiveness. This will allow lower-cost countries to grab market share from India.

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