More Positive Press for Toyota Management

via NY Times Magazine on Toyota, a very good article: From 0 to 60 to World Domination

Certainly the most obvious example of Toyota’s long view is the Prius hybrid.

I don’t think so, that is an example of their medium term thinking. Personal Robot Aids, biotechnology, housing and environmental development – that is long term thinking. More on Non-Automotive Toyota.

And yet deconstructing Toyota means breaking down a corporation that uses all its resources, and more than 295,000 employees worldwide, to construct things that are not meant to come apart.

Exactly, they have a system of management. Related: Systemic ThinkingExcessive CEO PayLean is HarmonyPurpose of an OrganizationAckoff, Idealized Design and Bell Labs

Toyota is as much a philosophy as a business, a patchwork of traditions, apothegms and precepts that don’t translate easily into the American vernacular. Some have proved incisive (“Build quality into processes”) and some opaque (“Open the window. It’s a big world out there!”). Toyota’s overarching principle, Press told me, is “to enrich society through the building of cars and trucks.”

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