Deming Seminar and Conference

Audio CDs of the 2005 W. Edwards Deming Deming Institute Conference presentations ($100) [the broken link was removed].

I attended the conference and posted: “Mike Beck gave an excellent presentation at the Deming Institute conference about the United Technology Corporation management improvement system. I plan on posting more about the session.” I have not posted an update :-0 but now you can hear it yourself. I also thought the “Back to the Future” presentation by Larry Smith was excellent. You can also read this article [the broken link was removed], on the same topic (manufacturing at Ford in the 1970s to today) by him.

The Deming Institute is also presenting a seminar, How to Create Unethical, Ineffective Organizations That Go Out of Business [the broken link was removed], 24-26 April, 2006 in Boston. I will be co-presenting the seminar. Let me know if you sign up.

The Deming Institute also offers Dr. Deming presenting his Four Day Seminar in 1992 [the broken link was removed] (Eight Video Tape set for $275 – Tape or DVD).

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