Call for Papers on Deming Management

The Deming Research Seminar [the broken link was removed] is accepting paper through October 2nd for presentation at the 13th annual seminar in New York City Feb 12th and 13th, 2007. To be considered, papers must be original work. Proposals of 200 words or less are due by 2 October 2006. For more information about submitting a paper see the Deming Institute website [the broken link was removed].

Papers that link Dr. Deming’s work to the academic literature or to the works of other great thinkers are particularly sought, as are papers that extend or expand Dr. Deming’s work, and those that describe applications of Dr. Deming’s management ideas in organizations.

The Annual Research Seminar brings together people from around the world, and from a variety of specialties, to develop an understanding of Dr. Deming’s theories in a wide-ranging context. See a list of topics and speakers [the broken link was removed] from the last Research Seminar.

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