Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival #202

The Curious Cat management blog carnival has been published since 2006. New posts are published once or twice a month. I also publish a collection management improvement articles on the Curious Cat management improvement articles site. What Inexperienced Leaders Get Wrong (Hint: Management) by Rosabeth Moss Kanter – “While asking managers to become more visionary, […]

Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System

In this post I explore my thoughts about what lean (lean manufacturing, lean thinking…) means. The way I think about it is that lean manufacturing sprung from Toyota. It seems to me the lean manufacturing name was meant to capture the entire Toyota Way. Capturing the whole of what that encompasses isn’t possible in 1 […]

Why Use Lean if So Many Fail To Do So Effectively

If less than 1% of companies are successful with Lean, why are we doing it? Lots of us are not. I would say the efforts I see “fail” are because they don’t do it. They have something they call TQM, six sigma, lean management or whatever and try out 10-30% of it in some half-measures, […]

Management Improvement Carnival #127

The Curious Cat Management blog carnival highlights recent management blog posts 3 times each month. The posts generally focus on the areas I have focused on in the Curious Cat Management Guide since 1996 (Deming, agile software development, systems thinking, lean manufacturing, customer focus…). Jim Womack, lean blog podcast #116 – Great, as you would […]

Management Improvement Carnival #103

Jamie Flinchbaugh hosts the Management Improvement Carnival #103 on his blog, highlights include: How do you change a culture? – Obviously a big question and one I spend considerable time on, but throws in on a challenging and important question. Spot the Northwest Flight Attendant – Simon Sinek demonstrates how pervasive culture can be […]

Management Improvement Carnival #88

Since 2006 the Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival has provided links to interesting blog posts for those interesting in improving the practice of management especially focused on the ideas of Deming, Ohno, Ackoff, Scholtes, McGregor, Womack, Christensen… Putting the Checklist Manifesto to Work by Wally Bock – “Checklists are simple but powerful tools that can […]

Management Improvement Carnival #81

Womack & Jones at the Gemba: “Spread” and Innovation by Mark Graban – “Jim says, basically, that you’re always going to be innovating and if the next area thinks they can just copy, then they’re missing the point.” The Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival provides links to recent management improvement blog posts. Kanban Results by […]

Lean Manufacturing Webcast from India

This lean thinking webcast from India actually does a pretty decent job of providing an overview (for a business TV channel) even if they get some things a bit confused. The discuss TQM in India preceding lean which is an accurate view in my opinion – quality management shared many lean principles. They even talk […]

Cost Cutting is Much Different than Waste Removal

Cost Cutting is Much Different than Waste Removal by Jim Womack The very last thing to consider is the one thing managers seem to embrace most readily: cost cutting. This means leaving out steps and features that actually create value from the perspective of the customer and removing employees who are actually needed to get […]

Management Blog Posts From November 2005

Photo of John Hunter at Glacier National Park. Management Improvement – Management concepts should evolve and improve over time. We should build upon the good ideas of yesterday and build in new innovations as they are shown to be effective. It is difficult to do so when consultants try to make their “solutions” proprietary methodologies […]