What Is Muda?

What Is Muda? [the broken link was removed] by Norman Bodek Excellent article on lean thinking, management improvement and eliminating waste. Setup time and machine downtime are wastes and should be eliminated. I remember visiting a washing machine plant in Japan operated by Panasonic, where there was no separate maintenance department. The company taught operators […]

IQ and Muda: Information Quality Eliminates Waste

IQ and Muda: Information Quality Eliminates Waste [the broken link was removed] by Larry English The article provides an explanation of each of these 9 types of muda and relates them to information quality: There are nine types of muda in information quality: Muda of overproduction Muda of inventory Muda of repair/rejects Muda of motion […]

Management Improvement Carnival #117

Bryan Lund is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #117 on the Training Within Industry blog, highlights include: Mark Hamel at Gembatales warns us against the danger of serving two masters…I love the caricatures that he develops for the reader – spot on! A great take on muda, muri and mura by David Kasprzak at My […]

Management Blog Posts From April 2006

Here are some of the blog posts from the Curious Cat Management Improvement made in April 2006: PBS Documentary: Improving Hospitals – “Systems thinking allows leaders and staff to see the complex, modern workplace with ‘new eyes’ and turn problems into improvements. It has saved up to 50 percent in costs, thousands of lives, and […]

Carve Out Time to Think

Dan Markovitz recently discussed the practice of the CEO of eBay to take thinking days, Why isn’t “thinking time” part of your standard work?, Some people think that it’s all well and good for a CEO to unplug himself — when you’re the big cheese, you make the rules — that’s just not possible for […]

Checklists in Software Development

Verify your work with checklists WHO has recently shown that surgical deaths can be reduced by a third when hospitals follow their Surgical Safety Checklist. The checklist is very low tech. It includes questions like whether the patient has been properly identified, whether the proper tools are available, and whether everyone knows what kind of […]

Management Improvement Carnival #54

In the webcast, Corey Ladas discusses lean thinking in software development, Deming and quality, customer pull vs Kano model and gemba. 7 Practical Ways to Respect People by Ron Pereira – “Some think that to be respectful you can never disagree. This is ridiculous. My old boss at Nokia used to tell his management team […]

Federal Government Chief Performance Officer

A Quality Manager for Obama President-Elect Obama has hired a quality manager, and her name is Nancy Killefer. She is the newly appointed “Chief Performance Officer” whose mandate is to manage budget reforms while eliminating waste in government processes, ultimately making it more effective. An MIT & McKinsey alum, Time calls her the “first official […]