Leanpub Podcast on My Book – Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability

image of the cover of Managmenet Matters by John Hunter

Management Matters by John Hunter

I recently was interviewed for a podcast by Len Epp with Leanpub: Leanpub Podcast Interview #9: John Hunter. I hope you enjoy the podcast (download the mp3 of the podcast).

In the podcast we cover quite a bit of ground quickly, so the details are limited (transcript of the interview). These links provide more details on items I mention in the podcast. They are listed below in the same order as they are raised in the podcast:

The last 15 minutes of the podcast I talk about some details of working with Leanpub; I used Leanpub to publish Management Matters. I recommend Leanpub for other authors. They don’t just have lean in their name, they actual apply lean principles (focusing on the value chain, eliminating complexity, customer focus, etc.) to operating Leanpub. It is extremely easy to get started and publish your book.

Leanpub also offers an excellent royalty plan: authors take home 90% of the revenue minus 50 cents per book. They publish without “digital rights management” crippling purchasers use of the books. Buyers have access to pdf, kindle (mobi) and epub (iPad, nook) format books and get access to all updates to the book. All purchases include a 45 day full money back guaranty.

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4 thoughts on “Leanpub Podcast on My Book – Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability

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  3. Comment from LinkedIn post by David Ranney

    I found your comments about increasing an organization’s capacity for critical thinking very interesting. I agree that an increase in critical thinking would pay huge dividends to any organization.

    The problem is, increasing an organization’s capacity for *anything* is generally a challenge, let alone something as fundamental as critical thinking.

    Training classes wouldn’t help, in my opinion. Critical thinking has to be part of a person’s core. It’s the sort of thing someone should have learned in middle and high school. That’s one of the reasons we learn English and History.

    I wonder if another approach would be to make looking for an ability to think critically a necessary part of the hiring process. If, over time, you hire candidates who think critically, it will eventually work its way into the DNA of the organization.

  4. I do think it is helpful to seek out critical thinking traits in hiring (it still isn’t easy). I think you can build up critical thinking habits in organizations; again it is not easy. You can do thing such as debate evidence for making decisions, have leaders explain why decisions are made… but it is very hard (and probably getting harder as so many people don’t even have an interest in evidence).

    I have some posts related to critical thinking.

    I do think by emphasizing the value of critical thinking you can make it part of the culture of your organization but it take a long term commitment to practicing critical thinking. Some additional posts

    Building a Great Software Development Team

    Good Process Improvement Practices


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